Empowering Women to Succeed in Africa’s Livestock Sector

Online, Africa

MaMo Webinar IWRD 2021

There are approximately 249 million women livestock keepers in Africa for whom livestock represents a major source of income and an opportunity for wealth accumulation. While the majority of them are backyard livestock producers, a few have elevated their production to successful commercial companies. Women livestock producers across Africa play a critical role in reducing hunger and creating job opportunities for Africa’s youth. However, they often face steep barriers in advancing their initiatives. Access to land, finance, markets, training and information remain a greater challenge to women than their male counterparts. On the other hand, ownership of livestock is widely recognized as an important aspect of women’s economic empowerment. In particular, small ruminants and poultry require smaller capital investments thus providing an easy entry point for their participation in livestock markets.  

This webinar brought together representatives from the private sector, research, development and policy sectors to consider the opportunities and challenges in elevating the role women producers in livestock value chains.