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Livestock Report: #MeatMilkMore social media toolkit

The sixth Malabo Montpellier Forum on July 15 will see the release of the Malabo Montpellier Panel's Livestock Report. This social media toolkit gathers key messages and graphics about the report, the MaMo Forum, and the Panel members. 

Feel free to share the content, copying, and pasting the text or using your own words. Graphics are available below.


The @MaMoPanel’s 6th Forum is an opportunity to discuss our new report #MeatMilkMore ‘Policy innovations to shepherd inclusive & sustainable #livestock systems in #Africa’, in the context of population growth & rapid urbanization.  

- Demand for products like milk, meat and eggs in Africa is growing rapidly. With Africa’s population estimated to reach 2.2 billion in 2050, how will the continent meet this demand? Check out our new report #MeatMilkMore for some tips!  

- The #livestock sector employs millions of people across #Africa and is key driver of economic growth. #Investment & #innovation in value chains can ensure that the continent  esp women & youth - can reap more benefits of this rapidly growing sector. @MaMoPanel #MeatMilkMore 

- #COVID19 has hit #Africa's #livestock sector, through reduced access to inputs & services & falling incomes = lower consumption. BUT, investments in the sector, esp in value chain dvpt, can help to kickstart slow economies, creating inclusive & sustainable growth. @MamoPanel  

-To enhance African #livestock sector, @MaMoPanel recommends the design of a framework that guides interventions & supports the development of an inclusive, holistic, productive, and profitable industry. Find more recommendations here: #MeatMilkMore 

-The #MeatMilkMore report highlights that an enabling environment for private sector-led investments is key to transforming #African #livestock sector. 

-.@MaMoPanel’s new report, #MeatMilkMore, recommends mobilizing investments in the dairy industry + an opportunity for countries to specialize in #dairy production with the new #AfCFTA. @AfricanCFTA 

-The new @MaMoPanel report, #MeatMilkMore, summarizes what #Ethiopia, #Mali, #SouthAfrica, & #Uganda have done to sustainably unlock the economic potential of their livestock sectors. Read more: 



-#EthiopiaLivestock : The Livestock sector contributes 47% GDP in #Ethiopia. #MaMoLivestock reports that Ethiopia’s #PolicyInnovations in the #Livestock sector lay on #CapacityBuilding in animal health, research, and marketing.  

-#MaliLivestock: 16 years ago, Mali had adopted its 5-year National Livestock Development Policy. The focus of this plan was on animal feed & health, livestock breeding, commercialization infrastructure, capacity strengthening of livestock value chain actors.  

-#ZALivestock: The South Africa Case Study in the #MaMolivestock Report is an analysis of the practical steps that South Africa has taken to enable producers to prosper in a vibrant private sector.  

-#UgandaLivestock: Livestock sector development in #Uganda is linked to a strategy focused on dairy and meat sub-sectors, an emphasis on higher food standards, & a liberalization of its dairy industry.  


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  • @MaMoPanel’s Livestock Report has been released.  

The first part of the Report consists of: the state of Africa’s livestock sector; a presentation of existing policy agendas at the continental and at the global; the opportunities of a growing livestock sector & the related risks; Africa’s livestock value chain’s employment and growth opportunities; the @MaMoPanel’s recommendations. 


  • #MeatMilkMore Report (2nd Part) highlights the experiences of four African countries – Ethiopia, Mali, South Africa, and Uganda - that have been at the forefront of expanding & growing their livestock sectors to benefit local communities through institutional innovation and innovative policymaking. The report closes by key lessons and recommendations for action by #AfricanGovernments, in cooperation with the private sector, research institutions, and development partners.  


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  • In #MeatMilkMore Report, the @MaMoPanel makes recommendations for sectoral interventions with respect to ruminants, poultry, dairy and pork: 
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  • In #MeatMilkMore Report, the @MaMoPanel makes these seven recommendations for action by governments and the private sector: policy, regulation, private-sector led development, finance and livestock assets, trade, data & research, conflict.  

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