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Ousmane Badiane, MaMo Co-Chair, participated in the Falling Walls Conference

Falling walls

Falling Walls Conference

The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the dawn of a new era of freedom by breaking barriers both physical and imaginary in Germany and around the world.

Three decades on, the night of 9 November 1989 has become a symbol of changing status quos and overcoming divisions of all kinds. Drawing inspiration from this historic moment, the Falling Walls Conference is driven by the desire to find out: which are the next walls to fall in science and society?

Since its inception, the conference has become a unique global platform connecting science, business and society through a shared commitment to create breakthrough solutions to challenges across borders and disciplines. Each year, twenty of the world’s most forward-thinking scientists and boldest visionaries take to our stage to showcase their scientific breakthroughs from the broadest possible range of disciplines.

MaMo co-chair, Ousmane Badiane is a member of Falling Walls Labs 2019 Jury.


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