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Ousmane Badiane, MaMo Co-Chair, participated in Berlin Science week 2019

Berlin science week

Berlin, 1 - 10 Nov 2019 |  Berlin Science Week is an international gathering, bringing together people from the world’s most innovative scientific institutions to celebrate science, to connect and engage with the local and international science community and the public. It is dedicated to the dialogue between science and society to inspire a deeper understanding of our world.

Berlin Science Week 2019 discussed some of the most pressing issues of our time: the future of digital identity, medicine or work, food security, the relationship between man and machine, the politics of inequality, art and science, or climate change economics. 


Ousmane Badiane, “Urban Circular Food On the Future of Urban Nutrition” Session Speaker

Ousmane Badiane quote

This session was about how digital methods will influence production and waste management in a circular sustainable management, the opportunities artificial intelligence, urban food production and waste cycles offer for sustainability.

In his presentation on “The Urbanization and the Transformation of Traditional Food Value Chains in a Rapidly Growing Africa”, Ousmane Badiane, MaMo co-chair, gave an insight into how the future of African agriculture could look like.

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