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Climate change: Elephants killing and injuring people due to drought

Elephants in Zambia are being collared to try to combat the rising conflict between wildlife and humans in the country as both struggle to survive a particularly devasting drought.

The lack of rain has led to animals encroaching on to human territory to seek out food and water. Elephants have been trampling crops, tearing down fences, terrifying residents and even injuring and killing them. But they are not the only wildlife problem. Crocodiles are lunging at people as both man and beast fight over the meagre amounts of water found in the bush (...) The desperation of the animals is matched by the increasing pressure on humans.

(...) The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Zambia has been instrumental in developing fresh ideas to try to cut down the conflict between man and beast.

Nachilala Nkombo, Chief executive, WWF Zambia, and Malabo Montpellier Panel member speaking to SKY NEWS (view the original video).

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