The seventh Malabo Montpellier (MaMo) Forum: a virtual event

Online, Africa


The Malabo Montpellier (MaMo) Forum provides a platform for informed dialogue and exchange among African decision-makers at the highest-level on agriculture, nutrition food security.

The seventh meeting of the Malabo Montpellier Forum will take place virtually on Monday, December 21. The basis of this seventh Forum meeting is Malabo Montpellier Panel’s report: "Trading Up: Policy Innovations to Expand Food and Agriculture Trade in Africa".

This report highlights options for sustainably, yet rapidly, increasing intraregional agricultural trade in Africa, drawing on the experience of three leading regional economic communities (RECs): COMESA, ECOWAS and SADC in terms of institutional and policy innovation as well as programmatic interventions. By adapting these lessons to countries’ specific contexts across the continent, African governments can harness the benefits of intraregional trade and scale the successes across the continent.

Participation in the Malabo Montpellier Forum is by invitation only.

Delegates from African agriculture ministers, government representatives, and development partner representatives who would like to participate in the Forum can reach to us at the following: