Policy Seminar: Transforming Africa’s agriculture value chains through mechanization

Dakar, Senegal

The Malabo Montpellier Panel invites you to a policy seminar on the theme:

“Transforming Africa’s agriculture value chains through mechanization”

The Malabo Montpellier Panel’s report, ‘Mechanized: Transforming Africa’s Agriculture Value Chains’ shows what can be done to sustainably mechanize African agriculture to increase production and enhance value addition across value chain segments. The report summarizes the findings of a systematic analysis of what seven African countries at the forefront of progress in mechanization have done right in terms of policy design, institutional innovation and interventions implemented. The set of policies and practices that are identified, if brought to scale, could have a significant impact on agricultural transformation in Africa.

Africa needs jobs – productive employment for the many millions of young people who seek their first job every year, many of them in rural areas. The agricultural sector offers huge potential for productive employment. Aren’t agricultural machinery and new technologies destroying exactly these jobs? The report testifies to considerable increases in productivity by agricultural machinery and shows: the mechanization of value chains, when done right, can and must be employment-enhancing and not be labor-replacing. It also shows under what conditions this works in African smallholder agriculture.

An agricultural mechanization agenda should harness the opportunities for mechanization at each stage of the agriculture value chain. Successful mechanization along the value chain will have to be a priority in future development and growth agendas for African smallholder agriculture and will require not only new technologies but also organizational innovations, such as reliable services and cooperation arrangements for and with farmers. Mechanization of value chains, when done right, can and must be employment enhancing and need not be labor replacing.

This and more questions will be discussed with our panelists.

 Guest speakers:

  • Ms. Peris Bosire, Co-founder of Farm Drive
  • Mr. Jean Michel Voisard, Sr. Market Systems Advisor at RTI International
  • Ms. Bineta Coulibaly, Founder and Director General of La Vivrière.
  • Mr. Pierre Ndiaye, CEO of Mamelles Jaboot

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