Transforming African Food Systems: Emerging African Perspectives Ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit

Online, USA

This ICAE 90 minute symposium seeks to share emerging African perspectives from independent food systems dialogues and briefing papers put together by diverse groups of African stakeholders on how best to transform African food systems. The symposium will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the timely subject of food systems transformation from both academic and policy angles and with a diverse audience of agricultural economists, non-economists, and policymakers at the conference. This session will begin with four (4) sets of 8-10 minute presentations that cover African voices on the following:

a) The process of gathering and consolidating African voices for the UNFSS;
b) Challenges and opportunities to building resilient and sustainable African food systems; and
c) Game-changing solutions, technological innovations, and policy priorities for transforming African food systems.

Experts from the fields of agriculture, ecology, nutrition and public policy

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