FARA Webinar: Strengthening the African Agricultural Research and Development Towards Improved Africa Food System

Online, Africa


The main objective of this consultative meeting is to provide a platform for key stakeholders in the agricultural research for development space to discuss salient options for the AR4D mechanisms to strengthen the food system on the African continent. The session will further allow participants to think through how to engineer a repositioning of Africa for the attainment of the SDGs within the decade, given the emerging BR Reports.

The specific objectives are:
1. To facilitate a consultative e-Forum to review the major issues and challenges confronting the African food system.
2. To elucidate pragmatic game-changing options for the African food systems given the short time frame to 2030.
3. To propose solutions that will enhance the deployment of science and innovation to provide the necessary catalysts of the food systems in Africa in the context of S3A.
4. To come up with the One Africa Voice (policy brief) to the 2021 UN Food System Summit on AR4D (African message to the Summit).
5. To provide modalities of moderating comments on the six (6) Papers (Draft) of the Group.
6. To develop and present the African strategy trajectory to the pre-summit and the main Summit.

Experts from the fields of agriculture, ecology, nutrition and public policy

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