CASA Agri-Business Breakthrough Webinars

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This series of webinars will feature evidence and analysis by the CASA programme and partners to support the commercialisation of agriculture in emerging markets across the developing world. The series will focus on the promotion of effective investment in agribusiness.  As hosts, the CASA programme, aims to move beyond the curation and presentation of evidence, to facilitate insights among panellists and audiences.

The Agri-Business Breakthrough Webinars are targeted at investors, investor supporting institutions and a range of groups that have a direct impact on the investor climate for agri-business. The selection of content and design of the series will:

-Showcase insights and solutions to the most common challenges in agri-business for inclusive growth
-Support resilience in the agricultural sector through the approach of agri-business actors
-Advocate for increased development outcomes through the transformation and commercialisation of agriculture 

The series will cover a range of topics, including emerging issues like supporting a green recovery from COVID-19 alongside more enduring challenges such as balancing social impact with commercial returns.  The principle is to ensure the content to be featured in each webinar is new, relevant and rigorous enough to warrant our audience’s attention.


The Details

 Each webinar will last one hour and feature one or more evidence publication or piece of analysis on a specific theme.  The panel will feature authors or analysts along with professionals from across agri-business to share their experience of the issue. The format will cover the findings of the analysis but, crucially, discussion will focus on actionable take-aways (‘breakthroughs’) for audience and panellists.

The webinars will typically take place on the first Wednesday of every month at 12:00 GMT.


Special Themes 

Occasionally, there will be ‘Special Theme’ webinars where the scale of the topic and quantity of evidence/analysis warrants more than one webinar. In this case we will have a number of consecutive weekly webinars (Wednesdays, 12 GMT). The CASA Breakthrough Webinars will start with a Special Theme on COVID Recovery Through Agriculturein October 2020.

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