The International Consortium on Applied Bioeconomy Research (ICABR)

Córdoba City, Argentina

The International Consortium on Applied Bioeconomy Research(ICABR) is a unique, informal and international consortium of people interested in the bioeconomy, agricultural biotechnology, rural development and bio-based economy research. As global economic growth is slowing and several economies in the region are suffering from recession, unemployment and environmental destruction, the conference will examine the possible contributions of the bioeconomy to economic growth, employment and the environment to make these contributions require policy changes, investments and technological breakthroughs. A major focus of the conference will be to identify policies, investments and technology options for policy makers and industry, farmers and consumers.
The annual conference of the International Consortium of Applied Bioeconomy Research (ICABR) is also in Kenya and the United States. This is the first time it will be in Latin America, recognizing the region as one of the most dynamic regions in the field of bioeconomy.


The leading researchers in the field of bioeconomy from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas to present the latest findings on the impacts of the Bioeconomy and key technologies, to analyze and debate the policies that have been tried and provide policy options for the future. This is a very useful and effective network of people who are creating fruitful collaborations with the local academic sector.

This year, the 24th ICABR session will be held from June 29 to July 3 in Córdoba City, Argentina under the theme: "ACCELERATING THE BIOECONOMY GROWTH THROUGH APPLIED RESEARCH AND POLICY CHANGE".

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