A panel of agriculture and food security experts

Experts on agriculture, from Africa, Europe and Asia

The Malabo Montpellier Panel is a group of international agriculture experts who guide policy choices that accelerate progress towards food security and improved nutrition in Africa. It provides high-quality research to equip decision makers to effectively implement policies and programs that benefit smallholder farmers.

Working towards poverty reduction goals

The Malabo Declaration, adopted by 54 African governments in 2014, commits signatory countries to halve the number of people in poverty by 2025 through inclusive agricultural growth that creates job opportunities for young people and women.

Facilitating dialogue between stakeholders

The annual Malabo Montpellier Forum convenes decision makers to assess strategies for meeting global agriculture and food security goals. Dialogue between the Panel, key stakeholders, NGOs and the private sector promotes the sharing of research across borders.

Formed by world-renowned scientists

The Panel produces accessible and readable research reports for senior policy makers and key stakeholders, providing expert knowledge and guidance for policy - based on literature analysis, scientific evidence and practical experience. The Panel’s emphasis on evidence-based analysis, mutual learning and exchange at the highest level of policy, positions it as a crucial actor in support of agricultural transformation and economic development in Africa.

The Panel publishes technical reports and briefing papers, participates in international conferences and workshops and convenes the Malabo Montpellier Forum facilitating dialogue and knowledge sharing.

The Malabo Montpellier Panel is hosted by the West and Central African Office of the International Food Policy Research Institute, the University of Bonn and Imperial College London and is headquartered in Senegal.

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