Transforming Africa’s livestock sector is key to food security amid surging demand for meat and milk, report finds

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Livestock Report: #MeatMilkMore Social Media Toolkit

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Q&A: UN envoy on building back a better food system

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Ohio State soil scientist awarded World Food Prize

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The Malabo Montpellier Panel is a group of international agriculture experts who guide policy choices that accelerate progress towards food and nutritional security in Africa.

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  • 30%

    Reduction in malnutrition across africa

    Africa has achieved average growth rates of 5%, reducing malnutrition levels by 30% in recent years

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  • 40%

    of africans are living in severe poverty

    Despite progress too many still live on less than US$1.9 per day

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    Leading experts from across the world

    17 leading experts are committed to the Malabo Declaration to end hunger and create jobs

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Our academic experts contribute to the global discussion all over the world.

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